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 Ravi S.Thakur (MCA | BCA) | e-Tender/Auction Consultant

Served as e-Tender Consultant and End to End Implementation and support at different Central as well as State Government through available Portals. With 8 years of vast experience in area of e- Tender/Auction started my own venture name as Space DigiCom Services.

Our basic plan is to implement our e-Procurement Tool for organization who have been unaware about the benefits of Electronic Procurement process for procuring goods & services through traditional quotation or manual paper documents even in this age of Digital Technology. At the hind sight If we lookback towards Govt. Procurement process with in last decade it has become complete paperless and transparent. Bringing competition among Suppliers or Buyers and saving of uncertain expenses are one of the main goals of the organisations to be equipped with our Tool and reap the benefits as Govt. Organisation has been already in this mode. Further, by harnessing the benefits of e-Tendering environments, competitive organizational advantage improves efficiency, speed, data accuracy, and effectiveness in everyday business processes and management. Provide consultation and support to bidders during tender submission of different e-Tender Portals available for bid submission.