e-Tender/Auction Training 


Many e-Tender portals can be difficult to understand and navigate through. They often require a lot of practice to avoid making reasonably serious mistakes such as deleting files and accidentally submitting bids rather than saving them. To eliminate any mistakes and improve the final response is good for every e-Bid. Being flexible, whatever the nature of your requirements, however small, we can help! We offer individual organisational packages of training and mentoring to help staff members responsible for tenders and bids develop their skills and become knowledgeable about tendering processes and procurement regulations. Whether you’re in a large or small company; new to tenders and bids or would like to enhance your skills, we have a tender training course designed for you.

Bidding & Tender Submission


Tender submissions are now almost 100% part of an e-Tender/Auction process where the Govt. Departments or authority asks you to upload and submit your responses, supporting eligible documents, Earnest Money Deposit and attachments online through supplier portals’. We know this can be a daunting step for small enterprises and businesses as technology and procurement portals can be confusing and can fail right at the moment when you need it most. Therefore, we offer a submission service on your behalf and ensure your entire response is reviewed and fully submitted ahead of that critical submission deadline.